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Excellent set of dies processed from a reputable manufacturer in the U.S

All products manufactured by CH4D are made in the USA by Americans at their Mount Vernon, Ohio plant

CH4D dies are precision machined from high quality steel, heat-hardened to 59 Rockwell C to a depth of .030" for maximum durability, hand polished for smooth function, and ultrasonically cleaned and coated in a proprietary rust preventative solution.

Our snap-in shell holders fit all of our press components as well as other manufacturers such as Lee, RCBS, Lyman, etc

CH Tool & Die was founded in 1947 by Charles Heckman. For over 55 years CH has been manufacturing some of the highest quality firearm ammunition reloading tools available. Over the years, the original product list has grown from a single reloading press and a small collection of reloading dies to the complete line of reloading presses, accessories, and reloading dies that are available today.

4D Custom Die Co. was founded in 1985 by David Davison and Dawna Davison. Originally created to fill the void in the reloading industry for hard to find reloading dies, for 17 years 4D has been manufacturing high quality obsolete/wildcat reloading dies. The original caliber list of approximately 500 caliber's has grown to approximately 1,200 caliber's and we now offer dies for any cartridge.

CH4D was formed in 1990 when CH Tool & Die and 4D Custom Die Co. merged. This merger combined the standard caliber product line and 5 decades of industry experience from CH with the hard to find product list and short run production know how of 4D, to create what we believe is the highest quality line of reloading gear and  to be found in the world today.

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