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It's a revolution in how you think about attaching your suppressor.

Muzzle thread adaptor system for A-TEC A-Lock compatible suppressors.

This product page is for the A-LOCK muzzle adaptor only.

  • Threads 15x1 or smaller use the short A-Lock.
  • Threads 16x1 and larger use the long A-Lock.

This unit can be used in two ways:

  • Adaptor locked on to the muzzle thread
    • This allows our suppressors to be quick attached and detached in a second with a forceful 1/4 turn.
    • This allows a single suppressor to be shared amongst multiple rifles all with different threads. In this case the calibre of the suppressor must be equal or greater than the largest calibre rifle.

  • Adaptor locked inside the suppressor
    • This allows the suppressor to be attached using muzzle threads like any conventional suppressor.
    • When the suppressor is removed, nothing is left on the barrel thereby leaving its aesthetic unchanged.

Thread systems available in variant selector

  • All usual imperial threads.
  • All usual metric threads.
  • Custom Thread (stainless steel adapter -not blued) -let us know the desired thread pitch in the notes on checkout.


We recommend using a gunsmith to check your muzzle thread concentricity, dimensions and alignment before fitting. We also recommend having as large a thread diameter as possible on your barrel, i.e. don't just get a 1/2"x20 thread, it's unsuitable for most calibres other than 22LR.

  • Check that the rifle is unloaded and remove the bolt from the action.
  • Do not do a test run of attaching the adaptor and suppressor as the A-Lock will get stuck inside the suppressor.
  • Degrease(brake clean) the threads on the A-LOCK Mini Adapter and on the barrel.
  • Do a dry run of the adaptor onto the threads:
    • Maximum length of the thread from muzzle to shoulder should be 15mm. 
    • Do not tighten at all, it could get stuck.
    • Check there is ZERO protrusion of the muzzle crown or threads past the end of the adaptor. Protrusion will prevent the adaptor locking into the suppressor.
    • Remove.
  • Apply strong and heat resistant thread lock such as Loctite 638 to the muzzle threads on your barrel. 
  • Attach and tighten the A-LOCK Mini Adapter to the barrel by hand. Use a rag to get more purchase on the adaptor.
  • Wipe off any excess Loctite adhesive, especially on the A-Lock outer surface and threads. Apply grease on the A-LOCK Mini Adapter.
  • Attach the suppressor, turning it only in the locking direction so that it does not loosen the adaptor.
  • Grasp the suppressor and tighten with moderate torque (6-8 Nm). Do not use extreme force, or the A-LOCK Mini threads may be damaged.
  • Let the adhesive cure for 12-24hrs.
  • After curing, detach and attach the silencer a few times to check the fitting and alignment.

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