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Do you need to an effective deer lure, pig lure, game lure, or hunting lure?

Salz Paste contains special spices that attract deer and that pigs find irresistible. Game will search for this product on a daily basis and make it part of their regular route around their grazing area. This allows a hunter to know exactly where the animals will be, on top of this the animals general health will improve by eating the mineral enriched paste.

Antler growth in deer will also improve as hardened antler is 55% mineral.

Salz Paste is used extensively throughout Europe by hunters who traditionally hunt from High Seats and use Salz Paste to attract deer and pigs to a tree or rock that is within range of their stands.

Most deer, whether wild or farmed, are deficient in the minerals and essential salts that Salz paste contains, and therefore crave Salz paste. Some of these trace minerals are toxic in large quantities and can only be taken in small regular doses, this is what Salz Paste does well.

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